LapKidz Safety seat for kids under the age of two flying on their parents lap. Has many other uses.
The LapKidz seat comes in four color combinations.  This seat is Stone Tan.  It weighs less then a pound.  Can be adjusted to fit any small child.  

Originally created to protect lap children under the age of two flying on an adult's lap.
Clear-air turbulence injures many unbuckled flyers each year.  
The only seat that is legal every second the plane is in the air.
Not sure about turbulence dangers?  Check out the articles on the LapKidz home page.  

LapKidz is a foldable, multi-positional, multi-use, durable, child safety seat that weighs less then a pound. 

You can attach to the adults seat belt but is also a great option for travelers who have purchased a ticket/seat for their child and they want to spend some time on your lap during the flight.

On an airline flight, the FAA PERMITS use on the ground and in the air.  Restrictions apply.  Go to the LapKidz site and read "Using on a flight" menu.

Attaches to seat belts, shoulder straps, waist belts, and belt loops. 

You never have to unbuckle your seat belt to attach Lapkidz.

Supports the child's weight without using hard materials.

During an emergency the toddler will not detach and can be protected by the wearer.  

Also, works in high chairs, grocery carts, stadiums and on trains, buses, and cabs.r.

For uses where a seat belt isn't available, a supplemental belt can be purchased. 

LapKidz Child Safety Lap Seat (Stone Tan)

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